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I am a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories. I graduated with BS and MS degrees in Computer Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2010.

My publications list is here.

My professional interests include:

I do most of my programming in Go, with an increasingly small portion in C. I also like Lisp, although I do not get many reasons to write it beyond hacking my .emacs. Recent projects include:

I've found it useful to bring my own editor with me sometimes, if the local vi is insufficient. That's why I keep this version of the Sam editor around, with makefiles adjusted to compile on Linux: sam.tgz. You may need to tweak the samterm Makefile to point to the correct lib directories depending on your distribution (the XLIBS variable), but otherwise it seems to build fine on Ubuntu, Debian, and Arch. It also built on Solaris at one point, but I haven't tried it lately. Just run "make" and "make install-local" to install it to your ~/bin.

I put some recipes I particularly enjoy here.