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Review: Marufuku Ramen, Redwood City

Summary: great ramen, nice restaurant.

I met some friends at Marufuku for lunch on a Wednesday. We got there slightly early, around 11:30, and were seated immediately. The interior is attractively decorated, with nice furniture and pleasant wood paneling on the walls.

The menu is small: a few varieties of ramen, a few rice bowls, some appetizers, and drinks. This is a good sign; I expect to get better ramen if the place isn't also trying to serve sushi, for example.

I ordered a tonkotsu ramen "deluxe". The deluxe version has a big chunk of kakuni in it, in addition to the normal chashu. The entire dish was delicious, but that kakuni was the star. The noodles were just the right level of firmness, and the broth was excellent; all three of us finished our entire bowls, down to the last drop of broth. If I had any criticism to offer, it's that the egg didn't seem to have been marinated, although the yolk was still the perfect consistency.

It was on the pricier side, at $19 for the deluxe ramen, but that's not too out of line in the Bay Area. I would definitely go again. If I wanted a cheap lunch, I'd get a kakuni rice bowl for $6.

Additional notes: There's a big public parking garage on Jefferson Ave. Park there. It was free for the first 1.5 hours when I went, and I know for a fact it's cheap even on a Friday night. Don't bother driving around trying to find a spot; the garage is as close as you can get anyway.

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