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Review: Majikku Ramen, Daly City

Summary: Not fancy, and a little out of the way, but the food is good.

Majikku is in a very Asian shopping center in Daly City, right off Skyline Boulevard. You might drive past on your way to or from the SF Zoo, but unless you actually live in Daly City there's little reason you'd be "in the area". Still, I think it's worth a little drive.

We went on a Friday evening, around 6, and got a table pretty much immediately. They stayed busy the whole time we were there, but not "20 people milling around outside waiting for a table" busy. Lots of delivery orders going out, too.

It's not a fancy place inside, but it's clean and pleasant enough and the wait staff were friendly. The menu is pretty large, with plenty of Japanese-American standards (tempura, ramen, sushi) but also some less common items like fried aji, salmon collar, korokke, and one of my favorites rarely seen in the US: okonomiyaki. It's described as a "pancake", and like a Korean jeon I guess that's true in as much as it's fried on a griddle and it involves batter.

We ordered seafood okonomiyaki, a sushi roll, and pork katsu curry rice. The food took a little bit, but when it arrived everything was hot and felt very "fresh". The okonomiyaki had just the right proportions of cabbage, seafood (octopus and shrimp, I believe), and batter. The pork katsu was good, and the curry sauce had a few nice big chunks of carrot and potato in it.

Prices were reasonable for the SF area; you could get a bowl of ramen for under $15 and these days I'd call that pretty good.