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Review: Berliner Berliner / Toronado bar, Upper Haight, San Francisco

Summary: Good German food to enjoy at the bar next door.

Berliner Berliner is a tiny restaurant serving German-style sausages. There's nowhere to eat inside, but the bar next door has parklets out front; if you order food, they'll come find you at the bar when it's ready.

We ordered a "Mighty Beer" sausage (spicy beer sausage on a roll with sauteed onion, sauerkraut, hot & sweet peppers, relish, and beef chili) and a "Hansel & Pretzel" (two soft pretzels with mustard, baby pickles, Kalamata olives, two generous chunks of brie cheese, and some sort of fruit preserves). The sausage was kind of overloaded and messy but quite taste. The pretzels and cheese were extremely good; although I wouldn't have thought of it, taking a bite of mustard-loaded pretzel and following it up with a bite of brie cheese is a great combination.

We ate in the bar next door, Toronado. It's beer only (well, they had one cider) and the menu is pretty big (see picture below). Prices are well within reason for San Francisco. Note that it's cash-only. Dog-friendly, too.

The Toronado Bar