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Review: Sno-White Drive-In, Aptos

Summary: Nostalgic drive-in at reasonable prices. Stop in for an ice cream!

We walked over after spending the afternoon at the beach nearby. I'm an absolute sucker for old-fashioned drive-ins like this, the sort where you'd walk up to a window to order, then sit on a picnic table outside and eat your burger among the mosquitos. This place is straight out of my childhood... hell, it's straight out of my parents' childhood.

We just got soft-serve ice cream cones, which were excellent. I feel like soft serve is getting less common, which is a shame because a good vanilla soft serve cone (with a little bit of grain to the ice cream, not the marshmallow crap at McDonalds) is one of life's great simple pleasures.

If I'm in Aptos again, I'll probably try to stop in and get a burger.