GProc is a cluster management tool written entirely in Go. Its purpose is to make it easy to run programs across your cluster, even if you have many nodes.

GProc is a new system, written in Go, that combines features of the LANL version of bproc and the xcpu software. Unlike bproc, gproc requires no kernel patch. Like both of them, it provides a process startup mechanism for lightweight cluster nodes which have only a small ramdisk as the root file system, with no local disks or NFS root at all. Lightweight cluster nodes can be very easy to manage if configured correctly (see, e.g.,

When you launch a program with GProc, the binary, any required libraries, and any additional files specified at the command line are packaged up and sent out to the selected nodes for execution. The libraries need for the binary are determined by gproc programatically. The outputs are then aggregated and forwarded back to the control node.

Try it out

All you need is an installation of Go version 1 to try GProc. Installation is as simple as running "go get". Once that's installed, head over to the Getting Started page. If you have at least 2 computers running Linux, you can run GProc.