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Posted 2022/12/12

Popov Leather: How to really piss off your customers in 13 emails (and counting!)

I ordered someone a Christmas gift from Popov Leather company. They proceeded to blast my mailbox unrelentingly with garbage:

On the 8th, I sent an email to support telling them how terrible this constant stream of garbage makes their company look. The response, which claimed to be from the head of the company, said they’d take me off their lists. Clearly they haven’t… and the unsubscribe link in their emails doesn’t even work, it just goes to a blank page!

I assume they bought some sort of online store subscription and left every contact option turned on. This is the worst I’ve seen in a long time, but damn near everybody does this sort of crap these days and I truly hate it.

Update, December 15: they’re still doing it!