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Posted 2014/7/24

Never use ChicagoVPS

I’m on day 7 of my ChicagoVPS’s utter failure to do… anything. Support has been abysmal, I’m pretty sure they spent 5 days hitting “reboot” in the control panel and telling me to “check it now”, which didn’t do a damn thing.

I had asked them to enable PPP on my OpenVZ VPS so I could set up a VPN. Big mistake, something got buggered and the system has been completely unresponsive over the network since then. I’d try their online Java console, but they have an improperly signed file in the archive so I can’t run it.

They claim to have backed up my /etc and /home, re-initialized the VPS, and transferred the directories back over, but the damn thing still doesn’t respond to connections.

This is the second time my VPS has been lost, the first being last year when they got hacked. Fool me once, etc.

I’m on Ramhost now, with a real KVM VM and I’m a lot happier so far.