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Posted 2012/5/1

Google Command Line Client on Plan 9

Turns out Google command line client (see works on Plan 9 just fine. All you need is python (from fgb’s contrib, or if you want to risk potentially out-of-date code I’ve got a tarball at, just untar it and copy the files under root/ to the appropriate places) First, download the gdata client library version 2.0.14 (at This is an older version, but it’s needed for compatibility reasons. Untar it, then run “python install”. Next, download the actual command line client ( as of today), untar it, and once again run “python install”.

You can then run /sys/lib/python/bin/google, which will give you a prompt. For kicks, you can enter something like ‘docs edit –title “testing” –editor sam’ to make and edit a quick text document. The first time, it will prompt you for an account name and then give you a link to authorize the client. I couldn’t get the authorization link to work in abaco, I had to enter it in Firefox, but there may be a way to get abaco to work.

You can also do something like ‘/sys/lib/python/bin/google calendar list’ from an rc prompt, so whipping up a guide file for Acme will be very easy.