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Posted 2012/2/12

Mt. Vaca Radio Club

Scanning around, I came across a repeater on 147.000 with three men discussing “kids these days”, multitasking, and the Internet. Reception was excellent and listening was interesting. With a little Googling, I discovered that I was listening to the Mt Vaca Radio Club repeater, 147.000- PL 136.5, located on top of Mt Vaca about 50 miles NNW of my location. As I said above, reception was excellent and when the discussion was over, I called in for a signal check. KI6JNY was kind enough to report full quieting on the repeater, and I was operating on only 10 watts! Just goes to show you don’t need high power or big antennas to get pretty good 2m range; 10 watts and a ΒΌ wavelength antenna will do fine if you’re lucky!